“ERuDeF Institute Offered Me Schorlaship that Revived My Career Dream”

Like most youths of my generation, after High School, studying courses like banking and finance, marketing or accounting amongst others were my immediate career choice, with the hope of securing  a white coller job in future. I later realised that realising my career dreams through such option, was only an illusion in Cameroon, as thousands of bankers and accountants are graduated each year and the number of jobs avilable are limited.

With such a thought, I was caught in a mesh, not having any clear idea of which career path to take. In the midst of this, I came across a friend, who told me about the EruDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit Studies. The training programmes caught my attention and I decided to follow up and attend their orientation and counselling sessions. The orientation gave  me the courage and importance of being  an entrepreuneur and how the training programmes can make you “be your own boss“. The definition I had of being an entrepreuneur was for you to have a very large and big enterprise which requires much money to start up. But I was told that not everything big started big, you can start up from small and with time you may go bigger than you ever expected.

With this motivation, I enrolled into the Institute to study Agroforestry Management. While studying at the Institute, I was exposed to several opportunities including workshops and seminars nationally and internationally. Infact, I seeing a future and was already making plans of being my own boss when financial constraints hit me. My sponsor said there were no funds to carter for my tuition and training needs. Being an orphan, the only option was to drop out of school. At state of dilema, the President of EruDeF Institute, Mr. Louis Nkembi, offered me a tuition free scholarship for the rest of my undergraduate studies.  This was a heaven-sent opportunity! With this scholarship, I was able to bounce back and continue with my training; a training that  took me to some of the most renowned training centres like the Institute of Research and Agricultural Development (IRAD) in Ekona and AGRO-COMPLEX Mambu-Bafut for internship. Through the training and internships, I have gained skills  undergratrmizolarship that permizrough  will to reach the  on how to go about starting up a small business in the area of agroforestry. In fact, I have actually set up a propagator with plantain combs that have produced over 2000 plantain seedlings which is being sold at FCFA 150 per seedling.

I am very grateful to God for the decision I made enrolling to this Institute. I truly lack words to express my gratitiude to the Management of ERuDeF Institute, most especially the President, Mr. Louis Nkembi.

By Osayo Leaticia

Final Year Agroforestry Student, ERuDeF Institute

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