World Earth Day: ERuDeF Institute Recommends Better Ways of Managing Plastic Wastes

The Director of the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit Studies, Akeh Nug, has recommended refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle as the best methods of keeping the environment free from plastic pollution.

She was speaking, April 22, 2018 at GBHS Muea during celebrations marking the 48th edition of the World Earth Day. Placed under the theme: End Plastic Pollution, the ERuDeF Institute’s Director explained how the practice of refuse, re-use, reduce and recycling can effectively contribute to stopping plastic pollution

We can always reuse plastics bottles as coffee creamer containers for snack storage, make a plastic bottle planter, up cycle laundry detergent bottles into watering cans, start an herb garden with empty 2-liter bottles, make a beach bucket from laundry detergent containers, reusing empty 2-liter bottles into water filters. Also we could refuse plastics by refusing straws from drinks, reduce by reducing the consumption of goods in plastics. As a matter of fact, recycling has to do with what you can’t refuse, reduce or reuse, thus plastics we can’t use, should be deposited in trash cans and not littered around or burnt because it causes air pollution,” she expounded.

The ERuDeF Institute boss underscored the negative consequences poor plastic waste management has on the biodiversity and the environment as a whole. “Decomposition of plastic product can last from 400 to 1000 years with newer “degradable” compounds, but before degradation can happen, waste plastic will continue to clog our waterways, oceans, forests, and other natural habitats that are filled with animals who mistake dangerous plastic for food. Chemical dangers are also high, because both creation and recycling of plastic produce toxic materials of many kinds,” Madam Akeh said.

She revealed that the earth is home to more than six billion humans and countless other animals and plants, and keeping it saved is preserving it for generations to come. Meanwhile, the over 165 students, including those from the environmental club, who turned out for the World Earth Day celebrations used poem and drama to demonstrate how mother earth can be protected from plastic pollution and how plastics can be reused and reduced.   

The event that brought together staff of Proclimate Cameroon, South West Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development (MINEPDED), staff and students of GBHS Muea, culminated in the award of prizes to students, who excelled in the quiz set by the ERuDeF Institute, poem and drama.  

Meanwhile, the Principal and Environmental Club Coordinator of GBHS Muea thanked the ERuDeF Institute for always collaborating with GBHS Muea, carrying out activities geared towards protecting the environment and saving the planet.

Melody Mukum.

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