Vacant Positions in ERuDeF for 2018, 2019, 2020

1.0            Central Administration

1.1  President/CEO office

1.1.1        Executive Director, MBA, PhD

1.1.2        Vice Presidents (3), MS/MA/PhD

1.1.3        Chief of Staff, MBA/MBF

1.1.4        Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives, MS/MA/PhD

1.1.5        Director, Office of Development and Philanthropy, MA/MS

1.1.6        Chief of Policy, LLM/LLB

1.1.7        Press Secretary, BA/MA

1.2  Office of Operations Managements

1.2.1        Chief Operating Officer, MBA/MBF

1.2.2        Assistant  to the Chief Operating Officer, BA/BSc Administration/Policy

1.2.3        Department of Communication  Senior Manager, MA/MS/MBA  News Production Manager, BA/BS/MA  Social & Online Manager, BA/MA  Associate Communication Manager, BA/MA  Coordinator, Centre for Environmental Film-making and Photography, BS/BA/MA/MS  Coordinator, Centre for Environmental Information Management, BS/BA  News Production Reporters, (4), BA/BS  IT Specialist

1.2.4        Department of Finance  Senior Manager, MBF  Accounting Officer i/c Internal Control and Audit, BS/BA  Finance officer, Budget Unit, BA/BS

1.2.5        Programs Office  Senior Programs Manager, MSc/MA/MBA  Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, MA/MS  GIS officer, MS/MA  Programs officer, MS

1.2.6        Department of Administration and Human Resources  Senior Director, MBA/MA Administration/Management  Logistics & Security manager, BA/Diploma Security Administration  IT Manager  Drivers (3)

2.0            Technical Departments

2.1  Conservation

2.1.1        Senior Manager, MS/PhD

2.1.2        Coordinators, Landscapes (9), MS

2.1.3        Coordinator, ESD, MS

2.1.4        Research Manager, MS

2.1.5        Communication Officer, MS

2.1.6        Accounting Officer, BA/MA

2.2  Forestry

2.2.1        Senior Manager, MS/PhD

2.2.2        Manager, MS/PhD

2.2.3        Community Forestry Manager, MS/BS

2.2.4        Ecosystems Restoration Manager, MS

2.2.5        REDD++ Manager, MS

2.2.6        Coordinator, Lebialem Forestry Centre, BS/|diploma

2.2.7        Communication officer, BA/MA

2.2.8        Accounting Officer, BA/MA

2.3  Livelihoods & Economic Development (LED)

2.3.1        Senior Manager, MS/PhD

2.3.2        Manager, MS/MA

2.3.3        Coordinators, Landscapes (9), MS/MA

2.3.4        Manager, ABS Initiative, LLB/LLM (Law)

2.3.5        Manager, Women & Gender, MA/BA

2.3.6        Manager, Social Business Development, BA/MA

2.3.7        Accounting Officer, LED, BA/MA

2.3.8        Communication Officer, LED, BA/MA

2.4  Agroforestry & Agricultural Development (AgfAD)

2.4.1        Senior Manager, MS/PhD

2.4.2        Manager, MA/MS

2.4.3        Business Development Manager, MA/MS

2.4.4        Coordinators, Landscapes (7), MS/MA/BS

2.4.5        Divisional Coordinators (20), BS/BA/Diploma

2.4.6        Accounting officer, BA/BS

2.4.7        Communication officer, BS/MS


3.0            Semi-autonomous Institutions

3.1  ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies (ERuDeF Instiute)

3.1.1        President, Professor

3.1.2        Registrar, PhD/Professor

3.1.3        Associate Director, Training, MA/MS/PhD

3.1.4        Associate Director, Research and Fundraising, MA/MS/PhD

3.1.5        Associate Director, Outreach and Education, MA/MS/PhD

3.1.6        Associate Director, Administrative Services, MBA/MA

3.1.7        Lecturers, MS/MA/PhD

3.1.8        Public Relations Officer, BA/MA

3.2  Centre for the Advancement of Women’s Initiatives (CAWI)

3.2.1        Coordinator, MA/MS

3.2.2        Projects Officer, BA/BS/MA/MS

3.2.3        Accounting officer, BA/MA

3.3  Silver Back Company Ltd

3.3.1        Managing Director, MBA/BA

3.3.2        Commodity Procurement officer, MA/BA

3.3.3        Commodity Sales & Marketing officer, BA/MA

3.3.4        News Products Sales & Marketing Officer, BA/MA

3.3.5        Publishing Coordinator, BA/MA

3.3.6        Accounting officer, BA

3.3.7        Technology Development Manager, MS/BS

All senior positions, the candidates need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience and expertise, in a progressive management organization. Candidates with 10-15 years of professional experience and extensive expertise in management will be preferred including a track record in fundraising development, communication and management of details.

Accounting candidates having expertise in Quickbooks and other accounting softwares will be preferred.

All positions require experience in a fast moving and competitive organization. Candidates should preferably be proactive solutions providers rather than problems/constraints posers.

ERuDeF is an academically and professionally intensive as well as multi-tasked  organization. Candidates not meeting these minimal requirements should not border to apply.

ERuDeF is an equal opportunity employer regardless of sex, origin, race or culture.


Done, 18 August 2018

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