Training a New Generation in Biodiversity Conservation

ERuDeF University Institute of Biodiversity &   Applied sciences is Cameroon’s leading environmental training institute.

Training a New Generation in Biodiversity Conservation

Conserving biodiversity in the face of expanding human populations and use of natural resources.

Environmental Education

Learning about environmental systems, predict environmental change. Develop analytical skills, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving skills.

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ERuDeF University Institute of  Applied Biodiversty sciences

The ERuDeF University Institute of Biodiversity and Applied sciences (EUI and or ERuDeF Institute) is Cameroon’s pioneer environmental/biodiversity conservation training institute created in 2012 to provide leading edge and holistic professional training in conservation and development management to the future cream of conservation and development leaders. 

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Our programmes give you a chance to explore opportunities in the area of conservation, biodiversity management and non-profit development in the developing world.



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We’ve Been Training Students For Over 8 Years

ERuDeF University Institute carries out undergraduate and graduate training, and research programs leading to the award of the following: National Diploma, Higher National Diploma, Professional Bachelor Degree, Professional Masters Degree, Research Certificates and short courses.

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Guidance for new and current students on programmes, procedures, fees, funding, regulations and opportunities to study at ERuDeF University Institute and partner organisations.

Student Testimonials

“ERuDeF University Institute offered me a job even while I was a Student. Thanks to this programme, I am getting the skills I had longed for while earning something. ”

Rosine Tsapi

“ERuDeF University Institute transformed me into an Amphibian Specialist. I was meticulously guided by my supervisors through the data collection phase via the dissertation development phase to the final submission of my thesis.”

Grace Niba

“My stay at the Institute has been very wonderful. I was exposed to different training opportunities that helped harnessed my skills and shaped me into who I am today. ”
Gwendoline Angwa

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