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The programs offered by EUI are completely professional and practical in nature. All entry students should have adequate academic training in the related professional areas. At least the foundation or associate or HND from a recognized university. Training programs at the EUIBS are academically, professionally, and scientifically intensive and requires students of high intelligent quotients and takes a maximum of about two to three years. The Long-Term Training Certification Programs takes place during a longer period of time launched every year and consists of several educational and professional activities. It aims to upgrade and link employees and potential employees in, and to the job market in order to foster the development of young graduates who are able to facilitate preassigned priorities of work life and to address current needs of employed members. The long term certification programs targets capable active members of ERuDeF and other organizations in order to ensure quality and sustainability. The long term certification programs will focus on three essential areas where students could specialize. These areas are:
*Biodiversity and Protected Area Management
For those interested in Biodiversity and protected Area Management (BPAM), options will include Protected Area Management ( PAM), Ecotourism, Environmental Education(EE), Applied Forestry, Agroforestry, and Green Journalism.
For those specializing in philanthropy, optional courses include, Strategic planning, Human Resource Management (HRM), Non-profit Finance, Leadership Development Certification.
Specialization in Fundraising would include Certification in Fundraising.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

 The HND courses are high educational qualification Certificates available in ERuDeF and some selected Professional Institutions.  ERuDeF HND programs have been specifically developed for the world of work. As a result, HND courses are valued by companies and employers, and are perfect for individuals who wish to have a more of a ‘hands-on’ experience with their studies. This program takes a period of 3 years that is 2years intensive studies and 1 year of field work with another organization.

Bachelor’s Degree.

 ERuDeF provides Professional bachelor’s programs corresponding in level to that of university bachelor’s programs, but with a stronger focus on professional practice. Professional bachelor’s programs combine theoretical studies with a practically oriented approach in the form of mandatory work placement. The programs are concluded by a project and takes a maximum of 4 years. That is 3 years course work and 1 year strictly on field experience with other organizations and a conclusive defends session.

Graduate Professional Certification Program

 They are courses designed to upgrade employees and prepare graduate students to work in areas where a degree or educational certificate may not be required. Employees or personnel and graduate students in these programs are usually required to take only courses within the field of studies that are necessary and vital to upgrade or maintain some degree of professional development and expertise. ERuDeF offers short courses for people who wish to undertake continuing professional development, or to learn about a new subject or area of study including the Municipalities, NGOs, government agencies, etc. These courses include but not limited to fundraising, project development and management, strategic plans and GIS for development. Consult the annual calendar of short courses published each year in July of the previous year.

Graduate Professional Certification programs are offered in specialized areas to help professionals and students gain new skills and knowledge and advance their careers. They are generally 18 months in length, consist of roughly 3-6 courses, and range from 9-21 credits of advanced coursework. Credits earned can often be applied to a more advanced degree in a related field. They are generally 18 months in length and consist of roughly 3-6 courses, and range from 9-21 credits of advanced coursework. Credits earned can often be applied to a more advanced degree in a related field. In f some countries, students enroll in graduate certificate programs instead of graduate universities as a way to check out different career options before choosing a university. Many of these programs are available online for students working full-time or for those who need a more flexible schedule.

Our Mission

EUI seeks to provide leading edge and holistic professional training in conservation and development management to the future cream of conservation and development leaders.

Our Goal

To engage students in diverse learning environments that train them to think critically and to expand their intellectual horizons while attaining the knowledge and skills

Our Promise

Be part of a team that will not only open you up to opportunities in the field of conservation but will open your minds and hearts to protect the world in which we live.

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