The management of the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies (ERuDeF Institute) is putting in place a platform that will enable students carry out online studies with the Institute during the 2015/2016 academic year.

By Ndimuh Bertrand Shancho

Speaking to the ERuDeF Institute Newsletter last August 25, 2015, the Acting Registrar of ERuDeF Institute, Mrs Ita Nawom Seemndze, who is also the Deputy Director in charge of Administration and Finance said the construction of this online studies platform is to give a chance to busy professionals and students who for one reason or the other cannot study full time on campus, to also benefit from the Institute highly distinctive professional programmes.

“Many students and parents alike have come to our office times and again expressing interest in our programme but have always expressed worries about cost of accommodation, abandoning their jobs, family and kids etc. I think this online platform will solve most if not all of these worries;…you can be with your family and study at the same time; you can be a full time mother or father and still study; you can be a full time worker and still study. The advantages abound.” Madam Ita underscored.

The ERuDeF Institute Registrar said applications for the online studies programme at the ERuDeF Institute have been launched with application form and all other requirements available on the institute’s website at for students to get themselves registered from everywhere in the world.

As to the registration deadline, Mrs Seemndze said admission is done on rolling bases. “It is a modular sequence kind of programme. You can begin once a module is on. So it’s not like I must register in September and end in July. Once the courses begin you register then you go round the cycle but all defences Master etc will be done on campus and that’s the only time you are displaced” she further elucidated

Regarding the operation of the online study programme, the ERuDeF Institute Registrar disclosed that the administrator of the platform has been commissioned to produce information that will be placed on the website to guide students on how to use the plat form.  She said tutorials, short videos and every other educative material will be uploaded to enable students to study and interact effectively with teachers and their fellow course mate from where ever they are.

Mrs Seemndze revealed that students can do a kind of hybrid studies or mixed mode study where they can take some modules via online distance learning and some on campus, which can be great if they would like to attend some lectures but also need additional flexibility.

“ It is an all en-globing  programme. All you need have is internet and a PC or laptop and you will be guided on the rest. Education has become cheaper and less stressful with the advent of ICTs” she added.

Meanwhile the administrative and teaching staff of the institute will in the days ahead  undergo raining on the effective management of this platform and  while the expert (platform administrator) will be on standby and will intervene in case of any technical hitches.

The ERuDeF Institute Administrator indicated that while the undergraduate and graduate will pay four hundred thousand and six hundred thousand france respectively, those undertaking the online study programme will pay an additional one hundred thousand francs to support the cost of managing the site. Payment according to her, will be done directly into the institute’s bank account at any branch of the National Financial Credit (NFC) or through money transfer agencies. Meanwhile arrangements are being made with MTN or Orange on the possibilities of using mobile money services to effect payments.

ERuDeF Institute in partnership with the St Monica University offers, a four year undergraduate training programme which leads to the award of the Professional Bachelor Degree available for students with A’L Level Certificate or equivalent and a 2-year intensive programme leading to the award of a Professional Masters Degree for Bachelors Degree holders. Specializations include; Biodiversity Conservation Agroforestry Management, Environmental Education Environmental Journalism, NGO & Fundraising Studies, Mountain Studies, and GIS for Development