Undergraduate and post-graduate students of the ERuDeF Institute in a defense organized recently, demonstrated their ability in public speaking and professional reporting.

The trainees each defended a report of the different activities carried out in their various specialties with focus on a one-week internship activity carried out at IRAD Ekona, ERuDeF, the Limbe Wildlife Centre and at the Southwest Regional Delegation of Environment Protection of Nature and Sustainable  Development in Buea

Ndutu Marie, Ebot Thomas and Manyor Sonita demonstrated how they carried out grafting, budding and marcotting during their internships at IRAD. They underscored the advantages of rearing these grass cutters and rabbits and their nutritional advantages to a predominantly agricultural society.

Wildlife conservation trainee, Angwa Gwendoline, explained some of the differences of in situ and ex situ conservation having done her internship at the Limbe Wildlife Centre.

“The animals that are conserved ex-situ, have a longer lifespan than animals conserved ex-situ because those ex-situ eat balance diet and receive medical attention” Angwa said

Meanwhile, Neba Grace, who has already spent two years at the Institute, presented a baseline study on the Goliath frog which is endemic in the Mt. Nlonako area, Littoral Region. She showed the threats to these amphibians and the steps she intends to take to complete her study.

Reacting to the presentations, senior lecturer, Dr. Samalang Patrick, appreciated the efforts put in by the trainees in coming up with these initial reports. He encouraged them to make all the corrections proposed to them so that at the end of their stay at the Institute, they will be refined scholars and best technicians in whatever field they are following.

The trainees were also urged to continue sharpening their skills in public presentation, language and technicality of their specific field of specializations.

By Ita Nawom Seemndze