The 2016/2017 winners of the ERuDeF Institute Environmental Education Award (EIEEA), Chan Briyan of GHS Buea Town, Malike Delphine of UB, who had no dream of a career in the area of environmental protection, have promised to enroll for undergraduate and Masters programmes respectively in biodiversity conservation at the ERuDeF Institute

The duo made the promise, June 5, 2017, as they received their awards at the Buea Council Hall during celebrations marking the 45thedition of World Environment Day.

Chan Briyan was awarded fcfa 50,000 with fcfa 30,000 in cash and fcfa 20,000 in kind while Malike Delphine was awarded fcfa 30,000 with fcfa 10,000 paid in cash and fcfa 20,000 in kind.

These winners were so elated with the awards that they could not hide their feelings.

 I am very happy with the awards and encourage others to work hard because this result came as a consequence of my hard work. I will like to congratulate the school for what they are doing to protect the environment. My dream was to become an accountant but having known what the environment is facing, I will like to become and environmental specialist. I plan to enroll in to ERuDeF Institute after my high school studies, and will advise my friends that our environment needs protection and no one can protect it better than ourselves so they should join forces to save our environment” Chan Briyan advised.

The first prize winner revealed that his participation in the award was motivated by the gradual change in the climatic condition of his area.

Climate change has been one of the most growing environmental threats in our society today. The resources are the ones sustaining us today and if they are not properly taken care of, they will be depleted. Forest depletion, industrialization and poor agricultural practices are the main causes of climate change. In my essay I also proposed solutions that can help us combat climate change” he explained.

Just like Chan Briyan, Ms. Malike Delphine was not indifferent after receiving the award.

Am excited not just about the award, but for the fact that I have through this award, known much more about the environment than before; we are all responsible for our environment and one must not come from that field to be able to connect with nature. I am not an environmental student but my love for nature and motivation from friends pushed me to take on the competition,” she disclosed.

Miss Chan expressed gratitude to ERuDeF Institute for organizing the award promising to enroll into the Institute after her degree programme.

The ERuDeF Institute Environmental Education Awards was established in 2015 to improve the understanding of the Cameroonian public especially the youths on the importance and the economic value of the environment and its contribution to nation building. Through this process, the next generation of Cameroonian environmental leaders will be built.

By Shancho Ndimuh