The ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies EIBiNS now has a new Deputy Director. The new Deputy Director, Mr. Samuel Ngueping holds a BSc. in Botany and Plant Physiology from University of Buea and a MSc. in Protected Area Management from the University of Yaounde.

The 35-year-old Cameroonian from the West Region of Cameroon has carried a number of research projects in the field of biodiversity conservation; has worked at the institute for a couple of years in different capacities. He has researched on and followed up the implementation of the Management Plan of the Campo Man National Park and has worked on Human Elephant Conflict within Mt Cameroon National Park.

He came into the ERuDeF Institute in 2013 as Program Development Officer. In 2014, he was appointed EIBiNS Coordinator/Registrar and by January 2015 was appointed deputy Director of EIBiNS.

Having served in various administrative positions at EIBiNS, Mr. Ngueping thinks the appointment has come at an opportune moment. “You learn how to do something by doing it and I am always motivated to carry out any assignment given me putting in my all and I think I have the required credential to achieve my new task” Mr. Ngueping Said.

As somebody who is widely read and has attended lots of high profile workshop on Biodiversity Conservation Mr. Samuel has a dream for the institute; “my dream is to see the institute grow and become a well renowned University for the training of biodiversity experts and a Research Centre where many will come for consultancy work, within the next 5 years”.

He knows perfectly how this dream will be achieved. “I with my team have put in place a 5 year road map and strategic plan spelling out adequate steps toward realizing this dream and I am counting on them for total collaboration” Mr Ngueping said.

The new Deputy Director said EIBiNS is first of its kind in Cameroon and though the beginning is always challenging, his priority is to ensure a convivial study atmosphere for academic excellence.

By Ndimuh Bertrand Shancho