When I graduated from the University in 2013, I was hoping to get a job immediately, but later discovered that I could not get a good job with my current certificate because there was no skill attached. After a hard struggle to get a professional certificate, I then decided to enroll at the ERuDeF University Institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit studies to study NGO management through the ERuDeF Junior Professional programme. Besides, being admitted into the ERuDeF University Institute, I was lucky enough to pick up a job from the institution as an Administrative Assistant. Thanks to this programme, I am getting the skills I had longed for while earning something. I knew people successfully work and study only in Developed countries but thanks to the ERuDeF University Institute I and a few other course mates, are getting it at our door steps. Big thanks to the institute for this great opportunity.

By Tsapi Rosine

NGO Management Postgraduate Student at ERuDeF University Institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit Studiess