My name is Mike Gray and I come from the UK. It is my first time in Africa and this my fourth day here. I love to see and know new things. One of my friends who volunteered in another organization in Africa told me about ERuDeF Institute.

I am in a college in the UK and I saw it as an opportunity to learn some new things about wild life and environmental protection.

I also will love to know the Cameroonian people, their culture, religion, and way of life in general. I am equally here so that, with help from ERuDeF Institute, I can be able to support the people in preserving the environment. I chose ERuDeF Institute in particular because it ticked all the right boxes of what I intend to do during my stay in Cameroon and everything about ERuDeF proved to be very professional and goal oriented.

I only expect to be happy throughout my stay here in Cameroon. I will love to see the gorillas and chimpanzees which are being protected.