In a bid to foster conservation and empower the younger generation in specific skills, the ERuDeF institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit Studies recently launched the ERuDeF Junior Student Programme in Collaboration with the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF).

The program, which is aimed at grooming future cream of ERuDeF human resource, serves as a gate way to the realization of ERuDeF’s 10 year vision of recruiting up to 200 workers through the ERuDeF Institute. This means that, those recruited into the ERuDeF Institute through this programme have a higher propensity to work at ERuDeF after successfully undergoing their training programme at the ERuDeF Institute.

Meanwhile activities of the program are coined to suit ERuDeF’s goal of conserving biodiversity and protecting fragile environments. Key skills to be inculcated in students of this programme include but not limited to; wildlife surveys and biomonitoring, project development and management, fundraising, nonprofit financial management, protected area management, agroforestry techniques, crop propagation and domestication, NTFP valorisation, photojournalism, nursery establishment and tree planting, article writing, wildlife and nature arts and many others. The students shall equally have the opportunity to attend seminars/workshops on environmental/conservation issues.

Coordinated by the Department of Outreach and Education, the ERuDeF Junior Student Programme is open to high school students interested in beginning a career in conservation and sustainable development. Registration is ongoing, Meanwhile more information can be got from the ERuDeF Institute’s campus at Mile 18 Muea Road Buea during working days from 8 am to 5pm. HOW DOES IT OPERATE? WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE AN ERUDEF JUNIOR STUDENT, WHO DO YOU CONTACT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED? IS THERE A MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STUDENTS TO BE RECRUITED EACH YEAR? ANY PARTICULAR RECRUITMENT PERIOD