My one-week field trip to IRAD Ekona was marvelous! I learnt vegetative propagation methods at the Fruit Trees Unit at the centre. I practiced budding on citruses using the T-budding method. I also learnt to select the desired type of citrus to use as root stalk and the advantages of the root stock. Preparing a nursery bed and nursery management is another great skill which I could never have acquired if not for this trip.

The field trip also gave me the opportunity to practice grafting on pear (avocado) using the tongue grafting method I had never had the opening to do before. With this skill, I was able to do grafting of bitter bush mango (Irvingia wumbolu) with ease after the first grafting exercise. I can never forget the skills I acquired and I will also carry out private practice on other fruit products for experimental purpose. I loved the trip because it impacted on me with new and amazing experience in my field of studies. I would like to thank the administrative staff at the ERuDeF Institute and my course mates for the opportunity and encouragement they gave me.

Ebot Thomas