The short course on Fundraising for Future Leaders launched July 10, 2015 to enable NGOs, CIGs, and associations in Cameroon raise funds for sustainability has kicked off at the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies (ERuDeF Institute).

The course that will run for 12 months – one week of class work plus three weeks of take home assignments – started in August with trainees from some NGOs and academic institutions like St. Monica University, ERuDeF etc

Commencing the introductory module, ERuDeF CEO, Louis Nkembi, drilled trainees on key terminologies related to funding and fundraising, how project ideas are conceived and project proposals developed.

Another introductory module already taught in this short course is the Online Social Media. Here, Dr. Nguti Donatus of the University of Buea went through the process of creating, managing and fundraising with blogs, facebook, twitter and U-tube.

At the end of these first modules, some trainees expressed their satisfaction.

“The course is so interesting and enlightening and I hope to be a great fundraiser for my organization by the end of the programme,” said Elias Ekolok.

Ndi Magdalene, the Coordinator of the Southwest Civil Society Network (SWECSON), said as a coordinator, she has been tasked to raise at least 63 million francs cfa for the coordination and management of the network.

She believes that by the end of the training, she wold have gathered enough skills to help her meet this target.

Other modules underway include Fundraising, Leadership & NGO Development, Financial Management and Investment Analysis, Ecology and Geography, Photo & Video Journalism, Applied Research and Marketing.  

It is expected that at the end of this short course, trainees should have developed a comprehensive understanding of non-profit fundraising and how each component works in harmony with the others; understand the culture of philanthropy and its role in organizations; be able to apply fundraising theories in practical ways; understand the fundraising cycle: where donors enter, how they move and what steps are taken to provide stewardship; master personal strengths and the direction of professional focus;  and have the tools, knowledge and resources needed to advance a fundraising career. 

Organised in partnership with the St. Monica University, the course will be sanctioned with the award of diplomas to candidates who succeed to attract funding for at least one of their projects.

By Ita Nawom