The ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and None Profit Studies, in line with its main objective to train biodiversity conservationists and managers, has introduced a set of short courses that will enable local councils and Civil Society Organisations conceive/develop projects and raise funds to develop their council areas and or local communities. These courses are intended to run from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 9 months beginning August 2017. This programme will be focused on building the capacity of these institutions in fundraising, project development and management, wildlife surveys, nursery establishment and management, NGO management, domestication and breeding of plant species, community forest management, environmental journalism etc. Given Cameroon’s new decentralisation policy, competent governance is being shifted from central government to local collectivities, the councils and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) will play very conspicuous roles in the governances of resources within their jurisdiction. This accounts why the ERuDeF Institute is putting in place a series of short courses which will enable these organizations excel in their different domains of intervention. Through these short courses, council workers would be trained on managing macro and micro projects as well as how to write project proposals to raise funds for the development of their municipalities. At the end of this training programme, candidates will be given attestations of training and certificates as the case may be. In an interview with the Director of the ERuDeF Institute, she disclosed that, these short courses are not only limited to councils, NGOs and CSOs. She encouraged individuals to equally take special interest in the program as it has a lot to do in building their capacity in natural resources management and in their different areas of interest. She also called on all to come and enjoy the rich training programmes at very minimal fees. The program, which is scheduled to begin in the early weeks of August, will be manned by efficient and experienced trainers in the different fields endowed with practical lessons to ensure effective hands-on training. In this light, the ERuDeF Institute calls upon all councils and NGOs and CSOs to join this running train for better conservation options. The Institute intends to create partnerships with councils and NGOs for this capacity building program. Terms and conditions of training will be moderated for partners and collaborators

By Teku Mirabel Ebane