Securing a job these days is a nightmare to most graduates. After graduation, they find themselves either idling or doing odd jobs to sustain themselves. This is largely due to insufficient or no skills that can enable them secure a good job.

After my graduation in 2013 with a BA in History, I was in the same pot of soup; after my futile search for a job, I enrolled into the ERuDeF Junior Professional Program run by the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-profit Studies to study and become a professional in Fundraising and NGO Management. The difference was very clear. I saw professionalism in training.

Just a couple of months after, I acquired a set of skills, which I could use to obtain results on the field. The programmes and courses are highly professional with hands-on training to obtain maximum results. The juiciest part of this programme is that I will be absorbed into the work force of ERuDeF at the end of this programme. This I am very sure because few months after being recruited into this programme, I am already serving as an Administrative Assistant, which besides my training to become an expert in Fundraising and NGO Management, is sharpening my skills in conservation and general office administration. Through this, I am giving a stipend, which is helping me meet up with basic needs.