Biodiversity conservation had never been my dream career. I had always wanted to be a medical doctor. All I studied and put interest in, was geared towards that. After my degree in Zoology at the University of Dschang, I could not achieve my dream; I even ran out of options. It was at this point that I got in contact with the ERuDeF University Institute through its marketing agent, in 2014. After firm conviction from the explanations of the different programmes, I decided to enrol in the biodiversity conservation programme. After the orientation week, I could see clearly that the future is bright. It was amazing especially hearing life stories from visiting professors and lecturers of the Institute.

My stay at the Institute has been very wonderful. I was exposed to different training opportunities that helped harnessed my skills and shaped me into who I am today. Firstly, the Institute linked me to the Limbe Wildlife Center where I had the opportunity to study ex-situ conservation and animal behaviour. Besides this, I was engaged in a project: The Conservation of Great Apes in the Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary (THWS). Here, I gathered skills on the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS), camera traps, cyber tracker, different survey methods and Bio monitoring. I could easily bring out the differences between in-situ and ex-situ conservation.

This background training motivated me to carry out A Survey of the Prevalence of Gastro-Intestinal Parasites of Drills in the Korup National Park (KNP) Southwest Region Cameroon as my Master Thesis. I was so happy to have emerged successful during the defence!

My parents were so happy and proud of the outcome. More so, ERuDeF gave me the opportunity to work as part of the Organisation. This has built my capacity greatly and enabled me work with other colleagues as a team. This has given me a platform to show my capabilities and I am so delighted. I cannot stop being grateful to ERuDeF for this great privilege.

I like to say that the hard way is the only way. I am very proud to have undergone a competence based approach training. I spent more times on practical, equipping myself for future challenge. I hereby, challenge you who is still lagging behind, not knowing what to do. The ERuDeF University Institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit Studies is indeed a holistic institution.

Gwendoline Angwa

Holder of Masters of Science in Biodiversity and Protected Area Management from ERuDeF University Institute.