I am Ntsapi Rosin, a postgraduate student at the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit Studies reading Fundraising and NGO Studies under the ERuDeF Junior Professional Programme. Since the strike started we have been busy carrying out field activities and assignments that were given to us prior to it. For example I am just coming back from a five day research trip in Northwest Region.

Aimed at evaluating the performance of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in this region, through this survey, I got to understand that though they are several CSOs in this region, most of them are ‘brief case’ CSOs coming out of their brief cases only when there are projects. This was quite interesting. I also discovered that most of these CSOs rely mostly on their social businesses than on international aid

The most intriguing part of my trip was when I visited one of the NGOs and discovered that they were using a special software to register and check office equipment.

My greatest challenge was the several ghost towns, which were observed almost every day during this week in the region beside the fact that, some of the informants were not welcoming. It was only by being confident and humble, collaborative, ambitious and realistic, that I was able to overcome these challenges.