In a bid to foster conservation and empower the younger generation specific skills, the ERuDeF institute plans to create ERuDeF Institute Junior Clubs in high schools and institutions of higher learning in Cameroon come October 2017. Aimed at grooming a future cream of environment and sustainable development experts and technicians for ERuDeF’s projects across the country, the creation of these clubs fall in line with the Organisation’s vision to recruit some 200 Cameroonians within the next 10 years through the ERuDeF Institute. Activities of the club will therefore be coined to suit ERuDeF’s mission of conserving biodiversity and protecting fragile environments through research, education, outreach and community engagements. It’s hope that through these Clubs, young Cameroonians will generate interest in environmental/conservation issues as well as take up careers in these domains. Through the Clubs, students shall have the opportunity to acquire skills in different aspects of conservation such as, nursery establishment and tree planting, article writing, wildlife and nature arts and many others. The students shall equally have the opportunity to attend seminars/workshops on environmental/conservation issues. Membership into these Clubs, according to ERuDeF Institute’s Education and Outreach Coordinator, Mirabel Teku, will be opened to all students from high school to university and will be renewed per academic year. High school and university students are therefore called upon to start preparing themselves to be part of the ERuDeF Institute Junior Club come October, 2017 in their respective schools.