“Biodiversity conservation is not just all about running after endangered species, or restoring degraded landscapes and related activities.  It involves carrying out intensive research and being able to communicate results to other researchers, conservationists and the public at large ensuring informed decisions and actions, and empowering the ability to sustainably manage the available resources” says Akeh Nug the Acting Director of the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and Non-Profit Studies (ERuDeF Institute).

After spending over 3 months of research, studies, and review of literature, data analysis and writing the postgraduate students of the ERuDeF Institute last January 29, 2016 presented their findings to an academic/scientific committee made up of two professors from University of Buea, two Ph D holders from St Monica University and two others from Irad Ekona.

Each presentation was accompanied by a question and answer session during which necessary reproaches were made to the students for improvement.

  “The experience was worthwhile, and we look forward to having more of such opportunities.” He added.

The members of the jury on their part said it’s an exercise which not only ensured proper research but grooms students to become real professionals ready to face the world of biodiversity conservation and ensure sustainability of natural resources and all the services they provide.

The acting director of the Institute, Ms Akeh Nug called on the students to strive for perfection as well as keep the flag of the Institute high up-waving excellence in biodiversity conservation