The Director of EUIABS in Buea, informs prospective postgraduate (Masters & PhD) research students and or recently graduated individuals with Masters and PhDs from both public and private Universities in Cameroon that EUIABS shall be offering research funding training program with effect from November 2021. The thematic areas of interest shall include but not limited to water science, philanthropy and civil society, climate, career development, endangered languages, bio-business and bio-trade, STEM sciences, rewilding, GIS & remote sensing, peace and conflict, conservation, governance, environmental filmmaking and photography, etc. The funding varies from $100 to $20000. The prospective research fellows shall strictly meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a postgraduate (Masters & PhD) research student
  2. Be currently registered in any public and/or private University.
  3. Application shall be submitted twelve months prior to the effective date of commencement of the research program.
  4. The research program shall be tenable in one of the eleven specialized postgraduate research centers in the EUIABS which are:

1.0          EUIABS Center for Environmental Filmmaking and Photography

1.1          Environmental Filmmaking

1.2          Environmental Photography

1.3          Print Journalism

1.4          Video Journalism

1.5          Documentary Journalism

1.6         Graphic Journalism

2.0 EUIABS Language Center

            2.1 Endangered Languages Research Project

            2.2   Relationship between disappearing indigenous and local Languages and species extinction

           2.3 The contribution of global languages to strengthening conservation diplomacy.

3.0 EUIABS Center for Bio-business and Bio-trade

           3.1 The study of Bio-business

          3.2 The study of Bio-trade 

          3.3 Bio-prospecting and ABS in Cameroon.

4.0 EUIABS Center for Basic Sciences

          4.1 STEM Science Research

          4.2 Basic Science Research

          4.3 Geographic Science Research

5.0 EUIABS Center for Peace and Conservation

         5.1 Peace and Conflict Studies

         5.2 Conflict and Environmental Impact Studies

         5.3 Humanitarian Research

6.0 EUIABS Center for Rewilding

         6.1 Plants Restoration

         6.2 Wildlife Restoration

         6.3 Marine Species Restoration

         6.4 Fragile Ecosystem Restoration

         6.5 Culture Restoration

7.0 EUIABS Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

        7.1 Research on fundraising and giving

        7.2 Research on civil society development in Africa.

8.0 EUIABS Water Science Center

        8.1. Water Health Science

        8.2. Urban Resilience and Climate Change Mitigation Science

       8.3. Water Systems Sustainability Science

       8.4. Watershed and Freshwater Science.

       8.5. Marine and Ocean Science

9.0 EUIABS Climate Science Center

        9.1 Impact of Climate change on Agriculture, Health, Environment, Peace and Conflict, Global Change, Species Conservation

       9.2 Impact of climate change on Peace, Security and Conflict in Cameroon

      9.3 The global change impact on Cameroon Mountains

       9.4 Climate change impact on Cameroon Mountains

10.0 Career Center

      10.1 Talent Development and Succession Planning

      10.2 HR Development.

11.0 Center for GIS and Remote Sensing.

      11.1 GIS Technology development

      11.2 Remote sensing

      11.3 Biodiversity Informatics

      11.4 Geo-information for sustainable Urban Management

      11.5 Development of fundamental geo-spatial dataset

      11.6 GIS and Remote Sensing in Education Initiative.

  • The prospective research fellow should have an approved research proposal from the university supervisor that meets the vision of ERuDeF.
  • The research shall be conducted in designated ERuDeF landscapes
  • Mt Bamboutos
  • Tchaba Maboh Mountains
  • Mbapit-Nkogham Mountains
  • Mount Cameroon
  • Labialem Highlands
  • Marine Landscape
  • Bamenda Highlands
  • Freshwater Landscape
  • Nlonako Muanenguba Mountains
  • Adamawa Plateau
  • Mandara Mountains
  • Deng-Deng-Dja- Lobeke Landscape
  • The prospective candidate shall pay an application process fee of $100
  • The prospective research fellow will be ready to complete and publish 3-4 peer review publications under the professional and scientific supervision of the EUIABS and ERuDeF Scientists.
  • Each admitted student  shall sign a contract of engagement to produce high quality research results published in high impact journals.
  • Recent graduates (MS & PhD) shall also be eligible to apply.

The postgraduate professional training and mentorship in research funding shall run in 3 phases.

Phase one shall be focused on training and mentorship on research projects development. This will run from 1-6 months.

Phase two will involve the training and mentorship of the students on the development of a funding and communication plan and acquisition of the grants. This will run from 1-6 months.

Phase three will involve the implementation of the research grants and publishing in high impact journals. This will run from 1-12 months depending on the scale of the project.

Consequently the selected postgraduate research students shall begin training one year ahead of the commencement of the research project. The training shall compose of three modules that shall lead to the obtaining of a research grant and publishing. Once the research grant is obtained, an agreement is signed between the student and the EUIABS. From this time, the student’s supervisor and the Institutional supervisor work closely to complete the research project and leading up to its final publication in high impact journals.


The fees are distributed as follows:

  1. Application process fee: $ 100
  2. Research grant training mentorship fee: $1000
  3. High impact factor journal publishing Mentorship fee: $400

Total: $1500

The payment of the research grant training and mentorship shall be either in three installments and/or once. EUIABS shall not be responsible for the boarding of the trainees in Buea. All research students accepted in to this research training and mentorship program shall be attached to one of the eleven centers of EUIABS.

Training Delivery Mode:

EUIABS shall run both in-person and online modules.


Interested candidates should contact the Coordinator of the EUIABS Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society by mail:,, or contact  Head of Division Training and Professional Development by mail:,  Tell: 678316251

Deadline of applications:

The application forms shall be provided on request. Applications shall be received on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Program starting Dates:

The program starting dates are 1st November of each year for applications received on or before 30th

September, 5th January of each for applications received on or before 30th  November, 1st April of each year for applications received on or before 28th February, 1st July for applications received on or before 31st May.


EUIABS Postgraduate Research Grant Funding Training