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About Us

Our Origin and Evolution

The ERuDeF University Institute of Applied Biodiversity Sciences(EUIABS) Buea Cameroon, is a non-profit pioneer biodiversity Institute accredited by the Minister of Vocational Training and Employment of Cameroon in 2012 as the Institute of Biodiversity and Non- profit studies(EBiNs). While in 2018, the ERuDeF Board of Trustees authorized that the ERuDeF Institute of Biodiversity and non-profit studies should be transformed in to the ERuDeF University Institute of Applied Biodiversity Sciences and accredited by the Minister of Higher Education.

From inception, EUIABS has sponsored several conservation projects such as Tree planting, Agroforestry, Nursery establishments for farmers, restoration of water catchments, promotion of environmental education; as a means to give back to the communities, hosting the institute’s programs and projects.


EUIABS was created by ERuDeF, a non-profit organization created in 1999 with the vision of saving rainforests, conserving species and impacting lives. The main aim of creating the Institute is to close the gap existing for the training of conservation professionals and leaders in Cameroon. Furthermore, there exist few institutions in Cameroon and Central Africa for the training of Park Managers, Environmental Education specialists and other conservation professionals.

While the State and other private universities provide the theoretical basis for students up-bringing, ERuDeF University Institute provides the professional and practical basis of their professional insertion into both the job market and academic fields. All programs at EUIABS are academically intensive, with a research professional focus that is challenging, requiring a lot of strategic thinking and meditation.

EUIABS Cameroon is the leading provider of conservation leadership development education in Cameroon and Central Africa. The non-profit private Institute equips the young and future conservation leaders with skills and expertise to research, think critically, innovate, lead and manage new programs.

EUIABS Cameroon offers a unique mix of leadership training in biodiversity management, fundraising development, philanthropy and non-profit management not yet found in any post graduate institutions in Cameroon.

Furthermore, EUIABS Cameroon offers tailor-made programs leading to certification in fundraising and NGO management in partnership with western and African expert institutions.


Our Vision

To train state of the arts professionals and specialists in the fields of Conservation, Geomatic Studies, Philanthropy and Civil society, focusing on scientific research and characterized by innovation and leadership.

Our Mission

EUIABS exist to train and build capacities of professionals in conservation, Geomatic Studies, Philanthropy and civil society.

Our Values

EUIABS focuses not only on the various subject matter per program but is very keen to the development of key values that would enhance performance and life balance in our graduates such as but not limited to:

  • Excellence,
  • Collegiality
  • Inclusiveness and diversity
  • Responsiveness
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Freedom and Discovery
  • Recognition

Our Goal

To engage students in diverse learning environments that train them to think critically and to expand their intellectual horizons while attaining the knowledge and skills

Our Promise

Be part of a team that will not only open you up to opportunities in the field of conservation but will open your minds and hearts to protect the world in which we live.

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Civil Society Building, Co-Cathedral Road Buea, South-West Region The Republic of Cameroon, Central Africa

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