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The EUIABS Career Center is the first rout entry into ERuDeF for all Interns, Volunteers and Potential employees. This Center seeks to orientate prospective and recruit graduates in to professions in the environment and related disciplines. This center also seeks to reshape by grooming the careers of current and future students in to young professionals in desired areas of interest.

The EUIABS Career Center will also help graduates of EUIABS select best graduate schools and scholarships for the graduating students. This center shall also look for jobs and Internship placements for its graduates.

Without forgetting the secondary, high school, and prospective graduate students, EUIABS Career Center also helps them in making informed career choices. EUIABS Career Center studies its individual and help them in career planning development and pre-trainings.



Roles played by EUIABS Career Center

The EUIABS Career Center will host job fair for employees to hire and recruit potential candidates.
It will also set up a reference library with collection of books, periodicals, newspapers and employment newsletter that contain information on occupation explanation emerging occupation, salaries, undergraduates and graduate schools, resume writing, and interviewing.
This center compiles and present information on applicants’ conditions.
Furthermore, the center assesses and designs training programs in areas of needs.
Again, it also ensures employees receive statutory required trainings to enhance quality implementation and satisfaction task.
To add, this center also runs a gap year program with designed specific courses. Central Africa. The gap year is a year of experiential learning typically taken prior to University or post graduate studies or from university studies. The gap year can take many forms and may involve participating in an organized gap-year program, traveling independently, working as an Intern, or paid employee or volunteering. In a more summarized format, a gap year is a break from studies.
The center also runs skill gap training courses which is a unique training program in Cameroon and
Finally, the center supervises and monitor progress made through trainings and programs and or initiations.
The EUIABS Career Center Coordinator is an HR with skills in job evaluation survey liaising with managers and interviewing employees at all levels to identify and amen training and development needs, delivering and overseeing the training of individuals or groups of employees.
The EUIABS Career Center offers courses such as:
– Career Modelling
– Entry point to Career
– Career Mapping
– Career exploration
– The gap year route to Career
– The University career path
– The civil society career path
– The private sector career path
– Science and Research career path.


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