Delivery Methods

Meeting Your Needs


Full Time On Campus

This is offered at the ERuDeF Institute at mile 18 Buea, where the trainee is registered. The trainees attend lectures at the lecture halls of the ERuDeF Institute during week days; morning to evening per lecture time table.

Weekend Based Training Programme

This is offered during the week-end for business executives and busy professionals, who cannot afford free time during the week.

Distance Location Training Programme

This is offered in major towns to business executives and busy professionals who cannot leave their towns. It is a one-week intensive programme offered once in every quarter. Candidates for this programme must attend the opening, open days and convocation sessions at EIBiNS.

Online Study 

This programme is offered for specific courses to busy professionals and students, who for one reason or the other cannot be full time on campus. It offered through the ERuDeF Institute Website.

Through the Online Study delivery, you can study from anywhere in the world that has internet access. 

Our online programmes are made up of individual course modules.  Many of our programmes are also offered via mixed mode study, where you take some modules via online distance learning and some via face to face attendance, which can be great if you would like to attend some lectures but also need additional flexibility in your studies.  If you want to study via fully online distance learning, make sure you select modules that enable this.  

Our online study delivery is offered only to those studying for the Professional Masters Degree Programme. Online masters’ modules can also be taken as ‘stand-alone’ courses, if you do not want to commit yourself to a full programme of study or if you feel that a particular module offers you the professional or personal development you are seeking.

Technical requirements for online study:

To study one of our online programmes you must have good internet access, a printer if you want to print out materials (you can, of course, read these on screen) and a computer with these features:

  • A browser installed (we recommend Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 4). This must accept cookies and have JavaScript enabled. If your computer is part of a network, for example a corporate network, check this with your network administrator.
  • The following minimum specifications (recommended specifications are given in brackets):

Platform: Windows 95 (XP); Mac OS 8.1 (OS X); Linux

– Processor: 166 MHz (1 GHz); MAC: 508 PowerPC (Intel)

– Memory: 32 MB (128 MB)

– Modem: 56k (Broadband)

– Screen resolution: 800 x 600 (1024 x 768)

  • These applications:

– a word processor that reads Microsoft Word format (doc)

– Acrobat Reader (pdf)

– Java 6.

Throughout your studies, you’ll have a tutor to guide you and give you feedback on your coursework. Your tutor can be contacted by phone or online. Support is also offered by fellow students and other IOE staff who are part of the online learning community associated with your programme.


Assessment is normally by coursework, submitted online or by post. Some programmes also use examinations for assessment.  Distance learning students who graduate with a Masters Degree are invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the institute in Buea, Southwest Cameroon.

Our Mission

EUI seeks to provide leading edge and holistic professional training in conservation and development management to the future cream of conservation and development leaders.

Our Goal

To engage students in diverse learning environments that train them to think critically and to expand their intellectual horizons while attaining the knowledge and skills

Our Promise

Be part of a team that will not only open you up to opportunities in the field of conservation but will open your minds and hearts to protect the world in which we live.