Learn how to Effectively Interpret and Apply Geographical Information


The blessings of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) have introduced new dimensions in the study and understanding of earth’s processes and in improving the quality of life of people. An essential pre-requisite to fruitfully use these opportunities is to develop human skills to adopt and adapt the geospatial technology for societal benefits. In recognition of this, a consensus has emerged in the international community that if effective assimilation and appropriate application of geospatial technology are to succeed in the developing countries, the Center is devoted to develop and transfer necessary high level knowledge and expertise in geospatial and space technology fields.

Human resource development in Cameroon in particular and Africa in general will be achieved through academic excellence which enables all learners to uncover their individual potentials in solutioning real life issues and challenges through strategies based on broad and long-term perspectives of capacity building.

Our trainees will emerge with a wide range of innovative and cost-effective solutions to current and future challenges in the area of sustainable development not only on the National, but on the global scale as well.

These will graduate as technical specialists, data interpreters, geospatial professionals, researchers, decision makers and project managers.

The Center is emerging as a nodal institution which focuses on specific regional issues of sustainable development through its multi-faceted programmes of education, research projects and short-term training programmes. It endeavors to adopt modern education concepts with the best faculty drawn from the experts and practitioners in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America and Canada. The center offers courses in the fields of Cartography, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System.


The EUI Center for GIS and Remote Sensing seeks to give a strong theoretical and excellent hand-on skills to enable students and professionals to explore professionally rewarding careers (health, humanitarian, education, forestry, agriculture, conservation, mining, civil engineering, etc.) in order to meet the challenges of Cartography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) in the world.




The objectives of the EUI Center for Geomatics Studies are as follows:

  • To promote research (Master and Ph.D) in GIS and Remote Sensing
  • To provide certification (people of all different levels)
  • To conduct training


Towards this, the Center would engage itself in research, training and certification. The Center will also conduct consultancies at local, national and international levels to support sustainable development.

Location of the EUI Center for GIS and Remote Sensing

The Center is located in the campus of ERuDeF University Institute of Applied Biodiversity Sciences, Buea, South West-Cameroon.

Recruitment process

For research program at the Center, it recruits candidate on post graduate and graduate programs as well as research fellows.
– Candidates on the current post graduate study program can carry out their research work at the Center with co-supervision from their institution and the Center. The center will provide the technical supervision while the institution will provide the academic supervision.
– Recent Master degree graduates with basic knowledge in research are also welcome in the Center to advance their research capacities and improve on their research networking.
– Ph.D candidates and research fellows can also conduct their research through the Center.


Course announcement

The EUIABS Center for GIS and Remote Sensing is opened for admission on a rolling basis. Candidates may apply anytime during the year. Information on the launching of a training section/course will be made available on the EUIABS website 12 months ahead. Aside that brochures providing details about the course contents will be developed.

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