EUIABS Water Center

We effectively and efficiently find ways to deliver excellent portable water services to everyone

EUIABS Water Center aims to be the leading institution in producing core technicians and lead scientists in water and related resources management in Cameroon and Africa. Water is one of the greatest challenge facing Cameroon economy. The center works with partners to find innovative ways of managing water to ensure a sustainable and robust water supply needed as prime stimulus to sustain the economy and people of Cameroon.
EUIABS Water Center is proud to be the organization that is championing that mission.

EUIABS Water Center continually strives to find effective and efficient ways to deliver excellent water services to everyone. This means doing the required research, learning from our water histories, and ensuring that the essential human capital is in place to action the change we need to achieve our water goals. We realize that it is up to us to collaborate on innovative and appropriate solutions that will make possible thriving cities that will be livable for many decades to come.

The EUIABS Water center, conducts training, research and consultancy in the water sector. The water center supports short courses, Diploma and degree programmes with focus on research. The Center generates revenue through training and consultancy services at a fee. Some of these services offered include; Hydro-geological Surveys, Water and Waste Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessments, programs and projects development, Capacity Building through long and short-term courses.


         With the involvement of other towns in Cameroon,
• We hold conferences to bring together major players in the water sector.
• Promoting the science and practice of water management
• Train on good governance in the water sector
• Train and certify young professionals in storage, distribution and infrastructure.
• Lead uncovering innovative approaches through scientific research and cross disciplinary collaboration
• Provide post installation and maintenance services
• Provide logistics and inventory management.

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Civil Society Building, Co-Cathedral Road Buea, South-West Region The Republic of Cameroon, Central Africa

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(+237 ) 674 79 69 46