Executive Council 

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The Executive Council is the highest formal instrument and a constitutional organ of EUIABS. It is the part of the executive branch of EUIABS that carries out formal acts of EUIABS.

The Executive Council comprises all Vice Presidents of ERuDeF chaired by the Vice President Training and Education. The Executive Council executes and implements decisions voted by the General Assembly and conducts the activities of the University Institute relevantly. The Executive Council is composed of 25 members.


The Executive Council generally meets annually every quarter. At the meetings, the Executive Council gives formal advice to the Registrar to sign Orders in Council (to make, for example, regulations or appointments). The meetings also provide an opportunity for VPs to brief the Registrar on significant policy and organizational issues that may have arisen during the quarter.

Secretariat of the Executive Council

The secretary of the Executive Council is directly responsible to the Registrar and to the VP President Training and Education for servicing the Executive Council and providing advice, as necessary, on organizational matters.

The key functions of the secretary of the Executive Council are:

  • Providing, coordinating and monitoring official support to the Registrar
  • Facilitating, on behalf of the Registrar, the Institutional processes particularly those associated with the transition between administrations
  • Attending every meeting of the Executive Council in order to witness its proceedings and keep its records
  • Countersigning any proclamation, Order in Council or other instrument made or issued by the Registrar
  • Being responsible for the EUIABS Honor’s System

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