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The University Institute is managed by different organs devolved in accordance with functions and related areas of intervention. These organs are categorized into 4 units, 1 council, 2 committees and one Division as described below.


Governing Council

• Prof. Mike Ndobefarg, Chair

• Prof. Munsell John, Member

• Prof J.J. Asongu, Member

• Prof. Emmanuel Yenshu

• Dr. David Pouakonyou , Member

• Dr. Arend De Haas, Member

• Norman Regava, Member

• Louis Nkembi, President Founder

• Dr. Martina Zinkeng, Member

Executive Committee

• Prof. Emmanuel Yeshu (Chair)

• Prof. Andrew Egbe (Agroforestry)

• Dr. Jetrude Nkengafac (Basic Sciences

Scientific Committee

• Prof. Chuyong George (Chair & Forest Ecology)

• Dr. Okolle Justin (Entomology)

• Dr. Tamougang (Wildlife)

• Prof Kimbi Hellen (Zoology)

Administrative Division

• Samuel Ngueping, Deputy Director

• Edison Acha, Acting Registrar

• Mrs. Ita Nawom, Assistant Director i/c Human Resource and Students Welfare

• Ms Bedwin Asoh, Manager for Research, Business and Outreach

• Bertrand Ndimuh, Public Relation Officer

• Mrs Mirabel Ebane, Marketing Assistant

• Mrs Vivian Ajua, Acting Accounting Officer

• Tom Njingo, Acting Logistic Assistant

• Fred Oponde, Acting Head of Technical & Library Services


Our Mission

EUI seeks to provide leading edge and holistic professional training in conservation and development management to the future cream of conservation and development leaders.

Our Goal

To engage students in diverse learning environments that train them to think critically and to expand their intellectual horizons while attaining the knowledge and skills

Our Promise

Be part of a team that will not only open you up to opportunities in the field of conservation but will open your minds and hearts to protect the world in which we live.

Contact Us

Civil Society Building, Co-Cathedral Road Buea, South-West Region The Republic of Cameroon, Central Africa

+237 699 122 904